January 28, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Pierce Fulton


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If you have a taste for fresh and feel good music then you’ve more than likely heard a few tracks from American producer Pierce Fulton. With the various sounds of electro house and down-tempo electronica he tends to incorporate into his tracks, it’s no wonder why Pierce keeps climbing to the top of the EDM charts.
Fulton has his own taste and ways of showing that to his fans. With hits like ‘Kuaga’ and ‘No More’ (and hardcore support from other major artists like Above & Beyond and Tiesto) you definitely know he’s the one to watch out for! I recently got a chance to get a few questions answered by the man himself! Check it out here:
1. When did you fall in love with DJing/producing?
I was about 17 years old, still in highschool and I had a friend from Venezuela who had been DJing for a while and he showed me some mixes from Carl Cox and Pete Tong and id never heard anything like that before. I quickly became really interested in it and at the time I was making some hip hop for fun but dove right into house music and it was a whole new world for me.
2. If you weren’t a DJ/producer, what do you think you’d be doing?
Probably something else involving music, I don’t know what I’d do outside music. I’ve also been thinking about building some instruments lately so maybe I’ll just do that if this EDM thing fizzles out haha.
3. How big or little of an influence did your parents have on you with your music? Were they supportive?
I actually owe my parents so much for what I do. For one thing, they have incredible taste in music and really shaped my early introduction to listening music well. They also recognized that I was fascinated with playing music very early on and did all they could to support it. They’ve always stuck with me through all the random bands and instruments I went through and are so happy to see one scenario worked out.
4. So, I recently saw you just got off the Groove Cruise 2016 ship. How was that?
Well I actually couldn’t make it because the crazy Jonas storm cancelled almost every flight out of New York. I had a 3 hour gap to land and get on the boat and my flight kept delaying until it finally cancelled and the rest to Miami were oversold so I was a sitting duck. Sad reality to touring, weather and flights and all sorts of stuff can create so many problems.
5. How does it feel to have your song ‘Kuaga’ play in a Smirnoff commercial?
It’s pretty damn cool. My friend was just in India and saw it while he was over there. Crazy that it’s still being used. It essentially shaped an entirely new Indian fanbase for me which is not easily done!
6. How is this tour going for you and what’s next for you once it’s over?
The tour has been a blast! I can’t believe how far in I am already, I’ve had a lot of stops in cities I have friends in so its been a beautiful combo of fun shows and good hangs. Once it’s over I’m gonna write, write, write. I’ve been wrapping up about a dozen ideas for a while to narrow down to a few upcoming releases but I’m more excited to get started on new stuff. Such a good feeling when you get back to the studio after a crazy tour.
Pierce Fulton will be bringing his talents to Orlando TONIGHT (Thursday, January 28th) at Attic Nightclub in Downtown Orlando.

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